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Jewelry Repair

We Repair All Types of Jewelry

Love Wearing All Your Favorite Pieces Again!

Don’t let broken or damaged jewelry sit longingly in your jewelry box. Put our highly-trained jewelry artisans to work and make it look new again! We do all of our jewelry repair work in-house, with an approach that is second-to-none.

Masters of Our Craft

Because every piece of jewelry is unique, there are many different intricacies to keep in mind. Our jewelry repair craftsmen are true masters of their trade; they know metal and know how to work with it. They know what can and cannot be done, and never risk making changes that could irreparably damage the piece.

When you bring in your broken or damaged jewelry, we’ll take a thorough look at it and share possible options with you. Every piece is different and there are a variety of paths we can take with regard to its repair.

For example, did you know that diamonds burn? It’s true. If jewelry is repaired incorrectly and the temperature is too high, it can leave a burn mark on the diamond that will not come off. You don’t want to trust your jewelry repair to just anyone. Instead, it’s worth going to the experts at South Shore Diamond Exchange to get the job done right.

Specializing in Antique and Heirloom Jewelry Repair

We specialize in fixing antique and heirloom jewelry pieces, so if you have a beloved piece of jewelry that belonged to mom, grandma or even further back, let us handle it with the utmost of care and repair it so that it looks and functions as good as new. Repairing jewelry is both an art and a science, and there’s no better place to go for jewelry repair than South Shore Diamond Exchange.

Our Services At A Glance

With over 25 years of experience, our team of expert jewelers will utilize trusted techniques to service your jewelry. This includes laser welding and/or torch welding.

  • Ring sizing
  • Engraving and reproduction
  • Jewelry cleaning and polishing
  • Ring shank replacement
  • Stone tightening
  • Stone replacement
  • Prong re-tightening
  • Solder and welding
  • Re-mounting
  • Pearl restringing

On-Site Jewelry Repair

We have an on-premises repair facility. Bring your jewelry in for repair, no appointment necessary. All work will be done on site and under observation to make sure that the work is done professionally and in a timely manner.

  • Master goldsmiths accomplished in their field
  • Latest technology in laser machines
  • Expert evaluation
  • In business for over 25 years, you can trust our unparalleled experience

We invite you to visit our location to see a first-hand look at how we care for you and your jewelry.