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Jewelry Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Finding an interesting gift for Father's Day can become quite a task because there aren't that many options when it comes to creative presents for men. If you want to look beyond the traditional tie or golf shirt, visit a jewelry store for gift ideas.

South Shore Diamond Exchange is a respected name in the industry. The Massachusetts-based jewelry store is a great source for Father's day gift ideas no matter where you are located. The store's website provides easy access to its inventory of his and hers jewelry.

As a Father's Day present, consider giving a uniquely designed ring for Dad. The rings are made from nontraditional metals that add to the distinctiveness of this jewelry piece. Benchmark rings for men come in a wide variety of designs, many of which include precious gems. This 8-millimeter tri-layer band available in yellow gold or platinum setting features diamond and blue sapphire stones arranged in an alternating sequence. Benchmark diamond bands use the latest technology to display the stones in their best light. Whether your father wears a lot of bling or not, this is a gift that will tickle his fancy. 

As a non-gemstone alternative, consider this cobalt band designed by Forge. It features a carbon-fiber inlay that mimics an intricate woven design. This comfort-fit band comes with beveled edges for a sleek and smooth appearance, but the inlay provides a sharp and distinctive contrast. Cobalt is a new jewelry material that is much harder than platinum, gold and silver. 

Ammara Stone bands are symbolic of elegance, strength and enduring value. This florentine-inspired gold band is textured with smooth edges. What makes this ring most unique are the 10 black diamond inlays arranged horizontally across the center of the band. Each diamond is valued at .20-carat each. 

Make this your year for going against tradition when it comes to presents for Dad. These creative bands are more than just jewelry pieces. They represent your eternal and priceless bond with your father.