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Straight Engagement Rings in Pembroke, MA

When one thinks of a classic engagement ring, they often have the image of a straight-set in mind. Characterized by a simplicity that honors the focus being on the center stone without added ornamentation, it is usually paired with the similarly minded solitaire cut. Because of its strong place in jewelry history, it is also a ring-type that is very much prone to personalization.

While they still maintain the softness to be classified as a straight engagement ring, below are rings that give the classic a little bit of a contemporary twist.

From the New York City-based team behind Gabriel & Co., brothers Jack and Dominick use their years of experience to create one of a kind designs. While all rings mentioned will feature a round cut center stone, the designers present a great depiction of the magic that can happen in this classic style. A bezel setting in the diamond studs on the band is a great way to add flair to the classic straight engagement ring.

With Gabriel & Co., we see two interesting takes on this already bold setting choice. In this Victorian-inspired ring, the sleek circular norm of the bezel setting is altered for a more vintage look. A series of five hexagons line either side of the band, all holding round cut diamonds with filigree beading outlining the six-sided shape.

Another more contemporary take on the tradition of the bezel setting is with this 14k White Gold engagement ring. While the prior band completely encircled the round cut diamonds studs, as is a classic of the setting, this one takes the normal circle shape and cuts it in half, only surrounding the tops and bottoms of the diamonds.

Despite straying from the defining feature of the setting, the band still follows the absence of prongs that depict Bezel. For an added element of unique customization, both rings also feature the amazing hidden halo decor, adding an extra element of sparkle to the profile of the bands.

As the focus in a straight cut is heavily put on the center stone, it is also something that often gets challenged by designers giving it a personal touch. Here, Gabriel & Co. does exactly this while still maintaining the circular shape of the round cut diamond, instead opting for color illusion and background ornamentation to be the game-changer.

In this very simple contemporary engagement ring, four classic circle prongs hold up the diamond. Instead, it is anything but classic. It is the similarity in color between diamonds and white gold, in connection to the easy visibility on what’s going on below, on the waving shape of the hidden halo, that gives the illusion of the diamond being an almost scalloped princess cut despite its traditional rounded shape.

In this Art Deco-inspired Engagement Ring, the illusion is created by the foreground that lays directly beside the round cut center stone. Here, Gabriel & Co. decided to highlight the six prongs by giving them a highly visible thickness that raises up the full height of the crown of the diamond.

They are further highlighted by the designers choice to have a beaded outline around the hexagonal shape the prongs created, as opposed to the rounded shape of the center diamond, giving it an added geometric appeal.

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