Criss Cross - Engagement Rings

Criss-Cross Engagement Rings in Pembroke, MA

There’s a certain elegance in the appearance of multiple bands. Sometimes, more is actually more, and as the bands stack up on your fingers, ornamental next to ornamental, you’re forced to pay attention to the little details and the intricate beauty of the ring(s) at hand. That’s part of the allure of the Criss-Cross style, rings that have bands that defy the normal singular and linear route and criss-cross wherever and however they please.

Free to express themselves in whichever which way they please, Criss-cross bands, often called split shank bands, usually contain two or three segments that branch out from the sides of the band and twist or curve until reaching the center stone. We at South Shore Diamond Exchange love this adventurous style and feature a variety of versions from New York City-based designers Gabriel & Co.

First off, we have this dazzling round cut center stone in a pave diamond halo setting. Here, the brothers behind Gabriel & Co., Jack and Dominick Gabriel highlight the titular design, where, quickly after separating from the sleekness of the shank, the two strands quickly criss-cross towards the center stone, both featuring diamond studs in a scallop setting.

Below the center stone is an archway with a gorgeous blossoming design that further draws the eye upwards to the center stone. Another feature in this criss-cross design is the many glittering infinity loops the band creates. With this, the symbolic meaning of a love that will last forever is highlighted, and a great way to show your partner the passion and commitment you share.

For elegance you have to see to believe, this 14k White Gold Entwined Criss-Cross Engagement Ring is the perfect ring to get lost in. A princess-cut diamond is held by the pronounced corner prongs that frame it into the spectacle its glimmer demands. Around it, large diamonds line the center stone in a square halo that further accentuates the framework of the corner prongs. The band features a diamond-studded shank that crisscrosses once, leaving a long and pronounced loop. The way the shanks meet the square halo at an intersect brings the two ornamentations seamlessly together, giving off the illusion that the diamonds in the halo extend down to the shank in one fluid motion.

This high diamond ornamentation is realized at the profile of the band as well, with a third shank branching out in between the other two and forming an intricate W shaped archway beneath the centerpiece.

Often times, designers decide to channel the delicacy and magic in the criss-cross style and produce a piece that evokes a fantasy fit for a princess. Here, Gabriel & Co. does just that. While the shank splits the same way and leaves the same wide loop as the aforementioned band, the effect it has on the ring is completely different. The absence of a halo and the presence of the classic round cut produces a much more petite appearance.

Similarly, the intersect of the criss-cross hits the diamond in such a way that it follows the curves of the round cut center stone and blends the shank and diamond into one delicate whole. What perhaps is most elegant about this piece, however, is the cathedral setting.

Holding up the center stone, the prongs form out of an archway and curve their way up like an ancient tree branch, highlighting the diamond in all its glory.

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