3 Stone - Engagement Rings


Three Stone Engagement Rings in Pembroke, MA

With effortless beauty and a timeless glamour, three stone engagement rings are a traditional staple featured in many designers’ collections. The perfect style for any bride, they also come in a few different varieties that work for many different tastes.

At South Shore Diamond Exchange, we love this classic style and all of its contemporary interpretations. While the origins of the three stone engagement ring are unknown, some say it stems from the life cycles of “Past, Present, Future,” with a stone to represent the three periods of life you spend with your partner. Whatever the reason is, the beauty of the three stone engagement ring runs deep, and that’s why we love carrying the different takes our talented designers make of them.

For over 30 years, brothers Jack and Dominic Gabriel have led the team behind Gabriel & Co. into an approachable and inventive world renowned brand. From New York City, the design duo is most known for their contemporary and delicate take on classic styles. Regarding their three stone engagement rings, we see a gorgeous collection of round cut center stone diamonds paired with pear cut sapphire side stones, adding a lovely pop of color to these 14k white gold bands.

Along with some traditional takes on the halo setting, Gabriel & Co. also offers unique vintage inspired interpretations that use micro-pave diamonds and filigree beading to make up a broken up but cohesive halo with the side stones included. If delicacy is your jewelry flavor, consider Gabriel & Co.’s modest take on the three stone style.

With the softness of a princess cut as a center stone, the round cut side stones seamlessly blend with the studded band, producing a shimmering band of a more petite and elegant nature. For a bride searching for a more contemporary look, Gabriel & Co. uses their passion for unique designs to make dazzling bypass three stone engagement rings. With a shimmering round cut stone taking center stage, we see the diamond studded shanks passing over one side stone to reach the other.

As their path starts and ends with a side stone, with the focus being on the center stone, you can truly see the beauty in the past, present, future ideology attached to these rings. Whether you’re searching for a statement piece or a more subdued look, three stone engagement rings are a lovely choice for any bride. With friendly and knowledgeable staff, we here at South Shore Diamond Exchange pride ourselves on our care and passion for our customers.

If you’re a seasoned professional or if you’re a newbie that needs guidance, we are here to help you every step of the way. Come on down to our Pembroke, MA location, we’re very excited to put a smile on your face.

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