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Diamond Buying Tips for Consumers

Diamond Buying Tips for Consumers


Similar to all precious gems, the cost of diamonds vary significantly based on numerous factors. This can make shopping for diamonds a daunting endeavor. Those wondering how to buy precious gemstones will find the following tips helpful:

Something called the “4 C's” should be considered by anyone who is shopping for diamonds. This term refers to the clarity, cut, color and carat weight of the stone. It is these four characteristics that determine the gem's overall worth. If you are looking for diamond engagement ring in the South Shore and Pembroke MA area visit our location.


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There are several things to look for when one is examining the color of a diamond. When determining the color quality of the diamond, it is actually the absence of color that must be examined. Diamonds that have a cloudy appearance are not nearly as valuable as those that are obviously clear and free from any flaws. Stones that are entirely colorless offer the most brilliance and fire, both of which are important aspects regarding the beautiful appearance of stone.



Diamonds are cut in many different ways, and regardless of the specific cut a customer prefers, it is important that the stone cutter not carve the diamond too shallow or too deep. This is because the gemstone cut affects the fire and brilliance of the stone and too deep or too shallow of a cut can affect this characteristic in a negative way. Consumers should consider one of the following cuts if their goal is a fiery, brilliant and eye-catching diamond: emerald, cushion, oval, round, Marquis, radiant, princess and Asscher.



The diamond's clarity also contributes to its flawlessness, and therefore this aspect is something that all shoppers should consider. A variety of clarity scales are used to evaluate diamonds. A truly flawless diamond can be difficult to locate and subsequently very costly if found. In most cases, shoppers are pleased with diamonds that are simply free of obvious flaws. Additionally, not all flaws lessen a diamond's value. Rather, the stone's overall worth is only impacted by flaws that can affect its brilliance.



Diamonds are measured in carats, and the size of the stone is usually a direct reflection of the number of carats it contains. Obviously, large diamonds are costlier than smaller sized gems. However, it is essential to understand that a small diamond that is flawless has more value than a larger stone that does not feature a proper cut, is off-color or contains flaws. Shopping for diamonds can be a fun and interesting activity, especially when one understands the gemstone cut factor and other important aspects. Fortunately, with time and effort almost anyone can find a diamond with which he or she is pleased. For more information on buying diamonds contact our South Shore jewelry store in Pembroke.