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About Us

Over 60 Years of Jewelry Experience

We’re incredibly proud of our Boston roots. Even though we loved the time we spent in the Jeweler’s Building, the hustle and bustle just wasn’t the place for us. With the Big Dig and restructuring of transportation in the city, we knew we needed to break free. Twenty-Five years ago, we decided to break the mold and set up shop on the south shore, bringing those historic and traditional Jeweler’s Building values with us.

Respect. Education. Loyalty and an Unwavering Commitment to Serve

Today, South Shore Diamond focuses on making your jewelry shopping experience truly one-of-a-kind. With over 60 years in business and hundreds of years of combined experience in creating, repairing and working with jewelry of all kinds, there’s no better source to trust for your jewelry buying needs. 

Whether you’re  looking to remake an outdated piece of jewelry into something trendy and fashionable, or you’re shopping for a gorgeous engagement ring that will be treasured for years to come, our dedicated customer experience is second-to-none in helping you find exactly what you’re looking for at the best possible prices.

Make a Statement that Will Be Cherished for Years to Come

The truth is, at South Shore Diamond Exchange, we don’t just sell you jewelry. We strive to educate you about what you’re buying so that not only will you or the recipient be absolutely in love with it, but also that it will be well cared-for and provide a deeply meaningful snapshot into a period of your life where happines, beauty and style converged. 

Let us help you take that next step in selecting a piece that perfectly reflects style, personality and charm.

Meet The Team

Courtney N. Bowman
Graduate Diamonds

Rob Rose
Custom Designer
Deborah L. Fierimonte
Sales Associate

Charles A. Fierimonte Jr.